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Question: We live in order to eat or do we eat in order to live? No matter what the answer is to this question, nutriton has a very important part in the every day living.

To be and stay healthy is something we often desire not only for ourselves, but also for our loved ones. Some people define health as the phisical, emotional, social and mental well being of a person. The way a person looks can influence all these components.

We pay a great deal of attention to our looks and because of this we should also pay attention to what we eat daily. Why not try to keep a nutrion jurnal?

Ancheta in farfurie is a method of investigating our nutrion behavior which has as objectives the determination of the intake of calory quantaties and the consistency of our food for each important nutrient component. It offer everybody an individual and personal evaluation of their nutrition behaviour.This nutrition log offers the possibility to write down the exact quantities of food for each meal and immediately it also gives the outcome of each meal, by highlighting the macro nutrients in it.

Practically speaking, after a while, each person  will be able to know the exact number of calories needed to maintain a certain weight or to lose a certain weight.This gives each person a total control over her/his body. A higher quantity of calories can facilitate the gaining weight process and a lower quantity can lead to a lost of weight.


Nutritionism Medicina This site offers you an individualized application that enables you to keep a food diary. Although the main factors are taken into consideration in order to individualized the food diary, there are a lot of other specific factors that can influence the lifestyle of each user and can create a certain innexactity in keeping this diary. These specific factors couldn’t be taken into consideration. Due to this, the anchetainfarfurie team does not assume any responsibility to the consequences that this site might have on your state of health. If you want to start some diets or have any illneses that can be agravated by the use of anchetainfarfurie, we strongly recommend you to contact your phisician.